Adam Vibe Gunton founded Recovered On Purpose with the goal of combating the epidemic that is drug and alcohol addiction. Through Recovered On Purpose, Adam has built a platform that helps recovered addicts tell their story and inspire future generations to a life of purpose. He knows firsthand how addiction can be a slippery slope that can be almost impossible to dig yourself out from alone. By helping people seeking to regain control of their futures, people who have come to Adam for his insights and wisdom have gained much more than their freedom from addiction.

A leader by example, today Adam is three years into his recovery and has overcome homelessness and drug addiction, built a 7-figure business with expertise in B2C and B2B marketing, is a best-selling author and speaks at events to share his journey and inspire others. Adam lives by the affirmation, “I am the example of what is possible for an addict when they recover.” Adam continues to look for and execute opportunities to progress to the next level in life while reaching back and pulling people out of the darkness he once lived in.

Adam Gunton has been a guest on 2 episodes.