Andrew Jernigan is a travel risk management and international insurance thought leader, consultant, investor and one of the founders of Insured Nomads – the first insurtech in health, safety and security protection for global health insurance and travel insurance for groups and individuals.

He is the co-host of The New Nomad podcast, one of the most listened to shows featuring guests from around the world that are leaders in their field serving the globally mobile.

Leading a remote and globally distributed company, Andrew is CEO of Insured Nomads with entities in the USA, UK and Germany providing solutions for protection around the world. Recently relocated to the Philadelphia, USA area from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Andrew along with his wife and three children have lived/worked around the world in business and ministry.

Shifting perspectives, growing the gratitude quotient, raising hope levels and fueling faith are passions that Andrew enjoys whether with refugees, youth, founders and entrepreneurs or the one on the path today.

Andrew Jernigan has been a guest on 1 episode.