Brock Shinen is a thought leader, author, and consultant. With a love for people, strategic perspective, and a zeal to help his clients succeed - Brock thinks outside the box, but always with his eye on the goal. Only a few years after he formed his law practice, Brock Shinen was individually sought out by a billion-dollar energy conglomerate to represent it in a high-value dispute. For a solo attorney with limited experience, this was extraordinary, but it merely serves to highlight Brock’s unique reputation, expertise, and talent in the business world.

Brock is the founder of the Law Office of Brock Shinen, Inc., which represents most of the largest and fastest-growing churches in America. His client list is literally a “Who’s Who” of spiritual leaders, ministry organizations, churches, worship leaders and songwriters, and Christian business leaders. Brock has also been a personal business strategist to globally recognized social media influencers. His command of complex business dynamics coupled with his intuition and situational awareness makes him one of the most sought-after business advisors within the Christian community. His business expertise has been recognized by Inc. Magazine, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, Faith Radio Network, Moody Broadcasting Network, Orange County Lawyer magazine, and numerous other news sources.

Brock’s white paper, “Can You Copyright a Tweet,” has been read millions of times and is the primary topical reference point for universities, business leaders, and agencies around the world. Gizmodo and Forbes writers provoked billionaire entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, using Brock’s writing. Brock has also written for some of the most influential online publications, including, Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, and The Good Men Project, covering a range of business and self-improvement topics.

As a means of educating himself to empower his clients concerning the self-publishing process, Brock wrote a nonfiction book on productivity and designed a campaign to achieve Amazon #1 bestseller status. He is also a commercially published songwriter, racking up cover recordings by Grammy nominee and Emmy award winner, John Tesh, and others.

Brock’s ability to influence and communicate effectively within the business community is equally demonstrated in his acclaimed podcast, The CogniPop Podcast. Orchestrating another campaign, Brock was able to achieve iTunes “noteworthy” status and outpace podcasts from business titans, Gary Vaynerchuk, James Altucher, and Seth Godin, and institutional giants, including TED Talks. In its first season, The CogniPop Podcast was downloaded tens of thousands of times. The second season of the podcast continues to forge new pathways in leadership and strategy.

Brock has also been a guest speaker at the National Religious Broadcasters national convention, the Southern Baptist national convention, Vineyard USA national conference, and at countless regional and local events, including Jesus Culture conferences, Orange County Bar Association events, and other business gatherings. He has been a radio guest on Mornings with Carmen and the Moody Broadcasting Institute channel, and on podcasts, including Uncommon Legacy, Jesus Culture Leadership Podcast, Black & White,The Kingdom Entrepreneur, Bulletproof Entrepreneur, and the Publishing Profits Podcast Show. Brock has also taught business courses at Hope International University.

Brock has worked extensively in the worship music community, serving as a consultant, lawyer and advisor to many of the top labels, publishing companies, songwriters, and worship leaders in that space. He also created the most comprehensive training for the worship music industry designed to help guide others towards insight and success.

Brock has also written three Amazon #1 bestselling books, Crush The Stops: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finishing Things, The Christian Entrepreneur: Dream, Plan, Execute, Grow (through Bethany House, a division of Baker Books), and Strategy > Crisis: The 9 Imperatives for Pivoting Through Impossible Times. His knowledge and desire to help the business community is the key driver behind his books.

Prior to law school, Brock acquired a bachelor’s degree in psychology and attended graduate school for clinical psychology. He served in a variety of lay and professional counseling positions during his education and has served in volunteer capacities throughout his career. He is on the Board of Directors for Jesus Culture and Moral Revolution and devotes a large percentage of his time to pro-bono work within the entrepreneurial and ministry communities.

When he is not writing, Brock enjoys gourmet cooking, being outdoors, and traveling. Brock lives with his wife and two children in Orange County, California.

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