Chad‘s story began in Spring, Texas where he was born & raised. By two years old he was in skates at the local roller skating rink his parents owned. By eight. Chad was a National Champion and at 16, a World Champion. After traveling to over 30 countries with just a pair of skates and a backpack, Chad made history with 52 world champion titles from 1994—2002.

Inspired by former inline turned ice skater Derek Parra, who won gold at the 2002 Olympics, Hedrick made the switch to the ice. In February 2004, after only one year of ice training, he became World Champion shocking everyone but himself. He went on to set six world records and was the first man in history to ever skate 10,000 meters (6.2 miles) in under 13 minutes. At the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, he captured the gold medal in the 5000 meter event, then added a silver medal in the grueling 10,000 meters and bronze in the 1500 meters.

At the 2010 Olympic Games he delivered a breakthrough performance in the 1000 meter event, a distance at which he had never before won a medal, to capture Olympic bronze. Days later, he added a fifth Olympic medal to his collection by anchoring the USA to a silver medal finish in the Team Pursuit event. With this, Chad became the second speed skater in American history to win 5 medals in 5 different distances.

By the close of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Chad Hedrick had won a pair of Olympic medals (silver & bronze), bringing his career total to five and complimenting the astonishing fifty-two World Championship medals he accumulated as an inline skater before stepping foot on the ice.

However, in 2006 Chad experienced a moment that changed him forever. Standing at the podium in Torino, Italy to receive his gold medal, there was a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment, but then there was thought that followed: an emptiness. It was shortly thereafter that he realized his life lacked purpose outside of the arena. He was defined by how fast he could skate around a track meanwhile depriving himself of meaningful relationships in the process. Skating was all that mattered. With the success he‘d attained came a prideful attitude, poor sportsmanship, and even putting his sport and self over the family and friends closest to him.

In 2009, Chad decided he wanted more. God began working in and thru Chad’s life, changing his eyes and his heart. In November 2010, Chad accepted Christ as his Savior and was baptized. With a fresh perspective Chad embarked on a new journey into the professional world. After spending a few years in a niche oil and gas market, he realized that his extensive network had one thing in common — they all owned a home or had the desire to. Chad had invested in real estate of all types throughout his years as an athlete, but never actually considered doing it professionally. But in March of 2017 a lightbulb went off and Chad decided to make the leap.

Since then, he‘s never looked back. “The sense of accomplishment that comes from helping people find their perfect home is so similar to the satisfaction of standing on top of the podium.” It‘s the same dedication, sacrifice, and resolute attitude that has been his strongest advantage. Chad strives to take each and every one of his clients from Gold To Sold. In the process he‘s realized what an impact he can have on people‘s lives by helping them find the home of their dreams. “It's hard work, but it's so fulfilling. Now I live to inspire, encourage, and create opportunity for everyone around me as we build the Gold To Sold Group!”

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