Cheryl Stauffer

Special guest

Born in Paraguay to two Mennonite missionaries, Cheryl has long been interested in the way our surroundings influence who we are and who we want to be. Natural beauty shaped Cheryl’s childhood and continues to guide her work as Crimson Design Group’s fearless leader. In every project, CDG aims to cultivate a sense of grand, transportive wonder in spaces made for daily living. Through unexpected color and texture, thoughtful details, and general rule-breaking, CDG creates spaces that serve and delight the people who experience them. In the nearly twenty years since founding CDG, Cheryl has grown her business from a one-woman show to a beloved national firm, recognized by the best in the industry. And in turn, CDG has paid that success forward, donating a portion of all client fees to non-profit organizations, hosting galas and galvanizing neighbors and clients to follow in philanthropy.

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