Meet Elizabeth Thorndike

Introverted extrovert – that’s how I describe myself. I can start a conversation with any random person and be friends within minutes. However, I crave alone time, silence, quiet walks and God time!

I absolutely love being a mama but never knew how hard it would be, nor how deeply I could love. I have a wonderful partner who tolerates all my quirks and still chooses me at the end of the day. We are on a life journey I never expected but would never change, and my favorite feeling is having the hands of those I love in mine.

I also love to laugh, great conversation and a glass of good vino. When these things collide, my heart is full. I am not a professional writer but, after 14 years of being a wife and mother, I consider myself a professional “do-over” artist and use this skill daily. So, pull up a cozy, oversized chair and join me in a cup of great coffee. We’ll be friends in minutes.

Meet Dan Thorndike

Howdy! How do dudes describe themselves? Basically, I’m pretty simple. I am an engineer at heart. My passion is fixing cars and knowing how things work. I owned and operated an automotive repair shop for years but sold it to spend more time with what matters most – my family.

Transitioning from shop owner to a more active role in day-to-day parenting has been interesting, to say the least. I’ve had many fails, but I’m starting to log some wins in the playbook. In the rare instances I get a little downtime, I enjoy going on dates with my wife, a good microbrew, biking, hiking, playing basketball and going to movies by myself.

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