Holding degrees in several fields including a Bachelor of Science in business management, an MBA and a Doctorate in Psychology, Eric is well poised to deliver founded information and inspiration to those ready to change their lives.

By providing speaking, coaching and consulting services Eric is able to reach people at all stages of their life’s path and work with them personally and professionally. Dr. Eric J. Scroggins is an author and has delivered the power of his book Vision Blockers to audiences both nationally and internationally. Teaching his audiences to apply techniques to push through barriers and achieve desired results.

Dr. Scroggins’ following has given him the opportunity to work with both corporate and non-profit organizations where he has developed a full-circle approach. This full-circle approach combines personal, professional and spiritual components that he is able to deliver whether he is working one-on-one, with a group or in front of an entire organization.

Eric’s passion is to connect with, teach, and guide others into their own personal success stories. His ability to identify and develop a path, a process or a call to action makes Eric’s insight truly inspirational.

With his infectious laugh and his sage advice Dr. Scroggins always leads you to recognize that YOU CAN!

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