Ford Taylor is the founder of FSH Consulting Group and “Transformational Leadership” training, which provide cultural and classic consulting, executive coaching, conflict resolution, how to provide discipline, how to remove personal and organizational constraints, and team building to businesses and all types of organizations. Ford offers his training through teaching live classes, as well as through an on-line virtual interactive platform called TL On Demand. He also gives city wide trainings in multiple cities in the United States, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany, and Australia and travels to developing or emerging countries around the world, including India, the Philippines, Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, DRC, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Ghana, Botswana, and Nigeria to provide leadership training.

Ford has a podcast entitled “Ford Taylor Talks.” He published the book “Relactional Leadership”, which has been an Amazon Best Seller in its category and also co-wrote the book, “The Hike”, which outlines many aspects of his leadership training in a novel.

A sought after speaker, Ford has spoken at numerous events and on radio and television stations around the country. Ford also serves on the boards of several organizations, including Jeff Ruby’s Culinary Entertainment, American Micro Products, Marketplace Leaders, Unashamedly Ethical, The Prayer Covenant, and the Jeff Ruby Foundation. In addition, Mr. Taylor serves as the chair of the business sphere task force of the Great Awakening Project, which has the vision of reaching 10 million business owners and 100 million Christian believers with teaching, training, and equipping on how to be a kingdom leader in the marketplace.

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