Johnny Walsh is a husband, father, youth pastor, the 2023-2024 San Diego DVULI cohort coordinator and an award winning freelance graphic designer.

From start ups to celebrities, @johnnywalshcreatives has branded them all. This 3x American Advertising Award winner doesn’t work alone. Johnny has a helper that gives him insight into his client’s hearts pulling forward the perfect logo and branding techniques, often times exactly what the client was thinking but couldn’t articulate.

Johnny also leads @spiritualhomeboys, a group compiled of strong men who once were wrapped up in gangs, street life & prison politics but now proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God and share the heart of Christ to their communities in various ways, including high risk youth mentoring.

Johnny & his wife Wendy have recently formed , a graphic design company focused on teaching novice to advanced graphic design courses. They believe creativity is a way to dive into the heart of God and learning how to do it shouldn’t break the bank at a 4 year school.

Just like in life, Holy Spirit wants to co-labor with us in all that we do and that includes business. Johnny believes that we were all created to create like our creator and partnering with Holy Spirit is how you do it.

Johnny Walsh has been a guest on 1 episode.