At 15 Joshua‘s mom was faced with a decision, take the advice of her boyfriend and abort her child or face life alone with a new baby. Fortunately, for Joshua, his mom chose to give him life.

Joshua and his mom would grow up on the streets of Nashville, living inside soup, kitchens, church fellowship halls, projects and low income housing. At the age of 17 Joshua was a drug dealer, pothead and a high school dropout.

Then, in a moment everything changed. Joshua was in a terrible car wreck that made him see for the first time that he was literally wasting his life. He went to a church service where he experienced God's love in a way he never knew before. He responded through faith and repentance and went on to received his GED, pastoral ministries and Christian counseling degree.

For the next 22 years, Joshua served as a vocational pastor and now is a minister in the marketplace through his pressure washing company, called Browns Pressure Washing.

Today he is inviting other faith driven entrepreneurs to use his brand, blueprint and coaches to grow the largest pressure washing Network in the country. If you would like to find out more information you can visit

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