Melvin Pillay

Special guest

Melvin is an East Indian, born in poverty during the deep years of Apartheid in South Africa. His mother, a recent convert to Christianity, kept her family fed during those lean times – not by scrounging for food or begging, but through prayer. She would wake her children up at 5am, they would begin to pray, and by 8 o’clock, food would show up. Much like the legendary George Mueller. Melvin had deep ambitions for success which were only further fueled when his older brother, law student and economic hope of the entire family, tragically drowned. Melvin moved to New Zealand and started in the world of sales.

For a long time he was an abject failure. His boss secretly allowed him to sleep on the company floor, as long as he was dressed and ready for work before any of the other employees showed up.

A major turning point occurred when Melvin discovered a Zig Ziglar cassette tape in the Auckland library. He rented it with his last two dollars (instead of eating that day) and dug into it with fervor.

Only seven years later...
Melvin found himself at a conference where the VP of Ziglar personally invited Melvin to be one of Ziglar’s hand-selected trainers. Today Melvin is one of only eight such Platinum Zig Ziglar Speaker / Trainers.

Melvin ties together three powerful streams: His Eastern culture and lineage, which uniquely honed his spiritual perceptions; the wealth and knowledge having worked with leaders from around the globe; and the Zig Ziglar business culture which empowers him to cross many lines and move among many kinds of people.

Today Melvin not only does keynote speeches and trains and equips men and women to sell and to run their companies with fervor; but he mentors them in the ways of intuitive wisdom and brings unique, fire-branded methods that must be experienced to be understood.

His one-on-one personal Whiteboard Legacy Session is a must for those who carry large loads in today’s high-pressure, high-speed economy.

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