I help people with their money 😊. This started almost 20 years ago with a desire to understand how financial markets and personal finance work and it grew into a career of helping others do the same. Have you ever had stock go the opposite way than what was expected, had a cryptocurrency account hacked, or helped start a company from the ground up? I have experienced all of these and my goal is to help others fast track to success and avoid some of the potholes I hit along the way. I have witnessed family members get swindled of money in old age and that had a profound impact on me around the need for financial education and having trusted voices around finances.

As a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) I help clients with anything that could impact them financially. Typically, that looks like where to place investment capital, how to protect against having it go away, structuring it in ways to send less to Uncle Sam, evaluating business deals/structures, or creating giving plans for causes that people are passionate about.

I also have a belief that clients should have real estate/private operating company interest as a part of their wealth plan. My focus is to connect clients to opportunities to place capital that match their overall financial game plan.

I am a learner at heart. In fact, I loved school so much that I spent 10 years + in higher education. My wife jokes that I could have been a doctor but I think my career path ended up great. I have degrees from Florida College (A.A), Palm Beach Atlantic University (B.A) , and University of South Florida (M.B.A). I also completed a year of education at Hillsong Leadership College in Sydney Australia where I fell in love with surfing and leadership of course.

In my free time I enjoy hanging out at the beach with my wife, 1 year old, 3 year old, 6 year old, and 8 year old. Ok so maybe free time is a misnomer, but I wouldn’t trade this full life in for anything. I am also on a journey with my faith and how it impacts my client interactions, business decisions, and strategy each day. I love connecting with others who are on similar journeys.

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