Norris Williams has a passion for helping others discover and live in their true God-given identity.

He has successfully coached men and women from all walks of life, from business owners to displaced refugees; CEO’s to juvenile delinquents; farmers to professional athletes and more. He serves people all across the United States, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Norris has degrees in agriculture business and Biblical studies. He’s covered a lot of interesting ground in his life as a waiter, salesman, forklift and truck driver, professional football player, quarter horse rancher/trainer/farrier, director of 400-acre ranch for juvenile delinquent boys, wilderness survival instructor, international leadership trainer/mentor/coach and cherry farmer.

Norris has been married to his wife Laurie since 1980, and together they operate an organic cherry orchard in central Washington State. They have four married children and nine grandchildren.

He enjoys being outdoors, in the wilderness, and loves being a husband, father and ‘Papa’ to his grandkids. He also likes the challenges presented by chaos, change and uncertainty.

Norris is available for identity coaching at

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