Identity. Our belief about ourselves inspires every decision we make. Ray has specialized in this field since 2004. He is an author, speaker and Identity Coach who helps you get to know who God created you to be, process any unresolved trauma, and transform your fear, shame, or guilt into a lifestyle of freedom, peace, and joy.

He has had the honor to work with CEOs, celebrities, church leaders, and people from all over the world and all walks of life. Partnering with the Lord, he has seen thousands of his clients set free and empowered to know, believe, and live the truth of who they are.

Along with one-on-one coaching, Ray has refined years of in-depth study and real-world experience into resources that will help you easily implement practical and sustainable tools into your everyday life. You can live a lifestyle of freedom.

Ray and his wife, Kathryn, live in Annapolis, Maryland, and are the founders and co-leaders of Faith by Grace Ministries. All of Ray’s resources and how to set up your own personal Identity Coaching session is available at

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