Ryan Haley

Special guest

As a financial services professional and personal coach, I help my clients develop clarity of vision and a detailed plan to actualize that vision. I am deeply passionate about working with both numbers and people, so that I can help individuals and organizations achieve their goals and purpose.

I have a background as a U.S. Navy helicopter pilot, Afghanistan combat veteran, and Pentagon Defense budget analyst. After my Navy career, I continued my education and experience in entrepreneurship & business, finance, and ministry. This diverse background has given me a unique perspective, and the ability to combine the "Macro" with the "Micro"; seeing how both the big-picture and the practical details work together in service of each other.

After a near-death helicopter crash in the Navy, my faith has become the driving inspiration for my life–and now also my businesses. This inspiration led me to create A Better Way, a platform devoted to help others connect their faith to their own lives and businesses. To that end, and by God's grace, I am deeply humbled to have published a bestselling book with a Foreword by NFL Coach Tony Dungy (who was also a guest on a weekly podcast I host).

I'm so fulfilled and blessed to have found my calling in the unlikely intersection of financial services, personal development, and inspirational communication. That calling is now devoted to helping others find theirs.

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