About Tierney Shirrell

I’m a Christ-follower, wife, mom, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. I started out along the typical Midwest path of college and career, earning a master’s degree in accountancy and CPA certification, then leaving that career behind for full-time motherhood. Although I became a Christian in high school, I slowly turned away from my faith over the years chasing worldly success and placing my identity in relationships other than the one that truly matters - my relationship with Jesus. I found myself in a fight for my life after battling severe postpartum depression and a diagnosis of bipolar 2 disorder. This path I’d been on left me feeling broken and through these mental health challenges, I slowly returned back to my faith and began to prioritize becoming the Christian woman, wife, mom, friend, mentor, and entrepreneur I knew God called me to be. As I discovered solutions that worked for my life, it unleashed a desire to help women boldly step into their own unique callings that God placed on their hearts.

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