Episode 195

Freedom! - Ben Edwards


March 14th, 2024

44 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

Dr. Ben Edwards grew up in a family of highly respected doctors, including two grandparents, two uncles, and his great grandfather. Following the birth of their first child, he and his wife faced 24 months of infertility which God used to open their eyes to what it meant to “seek first the kingdom of God.” This led to their hearts opening to alternative medicine after witnessing his nurse practitioner's healing from an "incurable" condition. This experience launched Ben into a season of deep discovery that resulted in a profound shift not only in his walk with God, but also in his medical practice. Today, he assists patients in miraculously recovering from conditions that mainstream medicine can only offer symptomatic relief for. Ultimately, seeking first the kingdom of God has brought incredible freedom to both him and his patients.

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