Episode 58

Jed Burdick - How One Act of Faith Could Shift Your Business (and life) From Loss to Profit

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About this Episode

Jed had always dreamed of making a powerful impact in the world by being a full-time filmmaker. Yet, after having the electricity shut off multiple times, almost losing his home to foreclosure, and living virtually hand to mouth for five years with his wife and six children, in desperation he met with a friend who gave him advice that led to a MAJOR decision that shifted EVERYTHING in his business and life.

What You'll Find Out In This Episode:

  • The DECISION he made
  • The KEY HABITS that needed to change as a result of that decision
  • Why RUNNING TOWARDS a problem is far better than running away from it (and the mental and physical posture you can take so you AVOID a knee-jerk response to the problem)
  • The NUMBER ONE LIFEHACK you can use to disconnect from any challenge and see it from a perspective that will give you THE ANSWER to the question: "What do I do now?"

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