Episode 63

Blake Brewer - My Father's Last Words to Me


September 2nd, 2021

35 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

On a family vacation in Hawaii, Blake lost his father in a tragic swimming accident. He literally died in his arms as he tried to rescue him. When he and the rest of his family finally returned to the condo from the hospital, his mother appeared in the doorway to his room and said "I have something for you and it's from your dad. I found it in his briefcase." His mom walked across the room and handed him a letter. At the top it said "Dear Blake, Natalie, and Marcus." Blake's dad, not knowing he was about to die, spent the last couple months of his life writing his children a letter that literally changed their lives, and has had a God-ordained ripple effect that will impact other fathers and their children for generations to come.

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