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199 episodes of Real Faith Stories since the first episode, which aired on July 14th, 2020.

  • 19: Caleb Guilliams - Overcoming Fear And Walking In Your Purpose

    October 22nd, 2020  |  33 mins 42 secs
    better wealth, betterwealth, brian robinson, caleb guilliams, faith, real faith stories

    Caleb Guilliams wanted his life to matter. Really Matter. In order for this to happen, HIS IDENTITY had to become SOMETHING BIGGER than the OPINIONS of other PEOPLE. Despite massive fear, he made a courageous decision to follow what he knew to be his calling in the financial services industry. Now at age 24, his company, Better Wealth, is leading the way in helping people from all walks of life identify their "why" by asking one very important question, and continuing to ask it until there's absolute clarity. As a result, around 20% of his clients wind up crying in their first meeting. Sound strange? Not after you hear Caleb's story.

  • 18: Tommy Newberry - "SAFE Is a Four Letter Word"

    October 15th, 2020  |  40 mins 18 secs
    4:8 principle, brian robinson, real faith stories, success, success is not an accident, tommy newberry, tommynewberry.com

    Tommy Newberry has had a profound impact on thousands of people all around the globe as a Wall Street Journal and New York Times Best Selling author, and head coach of The 1% Club, Inc., an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and their families maximize their full potential. Ultimately, playing it "safe" didn't get him there. Find out why he says, "SAFE is a four letter word."

  • 17: Carla Pratico - The Cab Ride That Changed Everything

    October 8th, 2020  |  34 mins
    brian robinson, carla pratico, podcast, real faith stories, she roars business

    Late one night In a New York City bar, all by herself on her birthday, out of nowhere Carla heard the voice of God speak to her. She immediately put her drink down, walked outside and got into a cab where her life was forever changed. That was just the beginning of a three year journey which has lead to an amazing transformation in her life and business.

  • 16: Joshua & Ashlee Latimer - God Called You, So It’s Going To Be Easy – RIGHT?

    October 1st, 2020  |  43 mins 53 secs
    ashlee latimer, brian robinson, honor and fire, josh and ashlee latimer, josh latimer, joshua latimer, real faith stories

    Josh & Ashlee Latimer were minding their own business when, out of the blue, God tells them to move to Costa Rica. Then everything miraculously lined up for them to make the move. But after arriving there it got ugly. Really ugly. Yet they wouldn’t trade their experiences for anything because God was preparing them to make an even greater impact then they could have imagined.

  • 15: Tom Ziglar - How To Stop Worrying

    September 24th, 2020  |  31 mins 44 secs
    brian robinson, real faith stories, tom ziglar, zig ziglar, ziglar inc

    Tom Ziglar heard his father, Zig Ziglar, say thousands of times, “I never worry.” And it was the truth. In this episode Tom shares the keys to never worrying again, three necessary ingredients for changing your mindset, the secret to Zig Ziglar’s power and impact on stages all over the world, and how to find your "WHY."

  • 14: Cherlyn Decker - Who Are YOU (honestly)?

    September 17th, 2020  |  38 mins 35 secs
    brian robinson, cherlyn decker, cherlyndecker, coach cherlyn, faith stories, real faith stories

    What happens when you lose virtually everything that identifies WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Your career, your income, your home, your neighborhood, your ministry gift, your parents, your friends? When all the handles you grab onto for identity are gone, then what? Cherlyn Decker discovered that’s when real, honest, gut-level, life-changing transformation can happen. Find out how she walked through it and came out far, far better on the other side.

  • 13: Brock Shinen - How To Partner With God

    September 10th, 2020  |  36 mins 46 secs
    brian robinson, brock shinen, faith stories, pacific digital transformation, pdtc, real faith stories, shinen law

    How do you view your life? One that occasionally intersects with God by coincidence; or as a living, breathing, daily partnership with Him? What does partnership with God look like? Is it really possible? As an attorney, best-selling author, consultant and public speaker, Brock Shinen has some powerful and practical insights into these questions and many others on this episode of Real Faith Stories.

  • 12: Jaime Cross - The Billion Dollar Idea

    September 3rd, 2020  |  34 mins 4 secs
    brian robinson, jaime cross, jamie cross, mig, migliving, nathan cross, real faith stories, the her effect

    Two years after leaving her corporate banking career to be home with her newborn son, Jaime cried out to God for a billion dollar idea. Here's what happened next.

  • 11: Joseph Warren - Self-Reliance vs. God-Reliance (choose wisely)

    August 27th, 2020  |  47 mins 35 secs
    brian robinson, broken-catholic, first 100k, joseph warren, josephwarren, podcast, real faith stories

    Growing up in a militaristic home environment coupled with his Catholic faith, Joseph always felt like he needed to perform in order for God to love him. However, one piece of advice from a billionaire Christian businessman sent him on an 8-month journey that remarkably and permanently changed his relationship with God. Then, Joseph shares how God smashed the idol of self-reliance through a deeply painful business experience which resulted in a profound personal transformation that has been used to touch the lives of thousands

  • 10: Andy Mason - Leave Everything, Move To Another Country, Then I'll Show You What To Do

    August 20th, 2020  |  48 mins 12 secs
    andy mason, bethel church, brian robinson, heaven in business, jesus calling, new zealand, real faith stories, realfaithstories

    Andy Mason was doing well in New Zealand as a bank executive, yet he had this unsettled feeling about his life. Then, one night God spoke to him through a children's bedtime Bible story he was reading to his 4 year-old son. Leave everything, move to another country, then I'll show you what to do.

  • 9: Kramer Soderberg - Experiencing Victory by Letting Go

    August 13th, 2020  |  34 mins 13 secs
    basketball, brian robinson, coach soderberg, kramer soderberg, real faith stories, soderberg, virginia

    After losing his job as a coach, sending out hundreds of resumes with no results, stress, anxiety, worry and fear set in. In the midst of this Kramer decided to embrace his suffering instead of resisting it, and by doing so discovered the profound secret of how to overcome by letting go.

  • 8: George Cope - The Destiny in Your Difficulty

    August 10th, 2020  |  41 mins 43 secs
    brian robinson, dr cope, george cope, real faith stories, visionorlando

    BONUS EPISODE: How does a young boy labeled "mentally retarded" by his second grade teacher go on to earn his PhD, become a college professor, college president, and pastor multiple congregations during his lifetime without ever having a resume or applying for one single job? Find out now by listening to this bonus episode.